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INTEGRAL BASE RING: 35mm Ring Diameter & H1 & H2 Heights to Scope Center, select from Matte CeraKote Finishes. Bore matched ring caps pinned & marked front/rear for perfect fit to scope tube. Hi-Tensile 7075-T6511 Aluminum with hardened 4142 Alloy Steel Lugs & Clamps for repeatible re-mounting on precision rifles and durability under recoil.


    Ring Diameters:        30mm, 34mm, & 35mm

    Rail Attachment:       1913 MIL STD / Picatinny

    Base Cant Angle:       0.0 MOA / 0.0 MIL

    Total Length:               5.00" 

    Ring Cap Length:       1.200" [30mm Axial]

    Center Spacing:         2.60"

    Lug Spacing:               1.969" [50mm] 

    Lug Width:                  .197"+000/-.001 [5mm]

    Ring Height (1):           H1=1.000"    H2=1.200"   


    Objective sizes (2):     H1   50mm  Obj

                                          H2     52-56mm Obj

                                          H3     56mm+ Obj  

    Total Weight:             10.5 - 12oz

    Clamp Nuts:    1/2" Heavy Hex

                                 65-70 in-lbs torque

    Cap Bolts:        6  x  #8-32 x .75L, T-25 Torx

                                 22-25 in-lbs torque

    1   Height measured from top of primary rail to center of scope tube

    2   Reference Objective size that can fit onto a given height ring H1, H2, & H3 to allow barrel clearance in a precision rifle with an action rail that does not extend under the scopes objective and has an open straight barrel similar to R700. Flat top long rail chasis generally require H2 & H3 heights.



     WARRANTY STATEMENT: Project One, LLC responsible for Ivey Shooting products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and will repair or replace, free of charge, any part(s) which by examination is determined to be defective in materials or workmanship for a period of one year after delivery. This warranty excludes damage due to abuse, lack of maintenance, normal wear, or accident. If upon receipt of a repaired or replaced product, customer satifaction is not achieved, return all products "as shipped" and a full refund of the product price will be processed.


    Ivey Shooting Products are for US shipping only, International Orders go to Products are manufactured by Project One, LLC  in the USA using as much local labor, materials, and hardware as possible. We appreciate your patience as we push hard to keep up with production and help you as our customers keep shooting! UPS Ground Delivery is standard for Continental US. Please send us a message if you have questions about stocked items and estimated shipping times. In general shipping dates range from 3-5 weeks pending the requested purchased item.

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