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Project One, LLC is the parent company for Ivey Shooting products; the RTM Adjustable Mount System and the Ivey FX Precision Integral Rings new for 2024. Company focus is on the design and manufacturing of precision long range shooting equipment and gear.  In 2001 Stephen Ivey designed and marketed one of the few externally adjustable scope mounts since the 1930's Unertl Scope & precision externally adjusted mount design (1928 Unertl Optical Company, Inc., John Unertl, JR). The Ivey adjustable scope mount developed was deemed at the time to be a necessary piece of equipment to satisfy the relatively new discipline of long range shooting more than 1000 yards as high power magnification scopes lacked the elevation required to achieve a short range zero and adjust out even to one mile. Now 1 mile is just a starting point for ELR Shooters and the need for an adjustable mount still exists. Project One, LLC was started in 2005 and began producing the Ivey Adjustable Scope Mount 0-150MOA that has been greatly improved since then from continuous testing with the larger precision ELR magnums, upgrading materials, machining methods, and design features. Some of these great design improvements have come from our customer’s experiences and applications that have evolved our product into what we feel is a very user friendly repeatable adjustable scope mount. We take great pride in providing this very necessary piece of equipment to our customers who are pushing the limits of long range shooting.

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